Tackling The Spots In Your Yard Where The Grass Refuses To Grow....!

Friday Aug 23rd, 2019


Don't despair if you have a tricky area in your yard where the grass doesn't feel the need to grow.....Too much shade, side of a slope or under big o'l pine trees, there are plants that will happily reside there. Use these areas as an opportunity for a low maintenance garden that will boost your landscape.

Hosta are shade loving and do just fine under acidic trees like evergreens. There are at least 70 varieties, so lots to choose from, they do bloom late summer but their foliage is more desirable in the garden. In fact after mine bloom briefly I cut the flower stocks off!

Other perennials that will get along well in these locations are Ferns, Astilbe, Hellebores, Heuchera & Japenses Forest Grass. All very reliable and low maintenance shade lovers. Established ground covers really help keep down the weeds. A thick bed of Periwinkle, English Ivy, Sweet Woodruff or Janpanese Spurge will deter weeds from taking root. Fill in with lots of mulch, it doesn't get easier than that!


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