To Stage Or Not To Stage.......!

Sunday Oct 25th, 2020


To Stage Or Not To Stage…..!

 Are you planning on selling your home this year? If so it’s time to consider the benefits of Staging. Staging isn’t just for higher end homes, no matter what price range your home falls into Staging can add value and increase the likelihood of a quick sale. You can hire a professional or do it yourself. Your Realtor can guide you through this process.

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, your home is your biggest asset so you need to show it at its very best. Potential buyers can be distracted by scuffed trim, broken door handles, and the clutter of too many toys stacked in the corner.  So, Repair, Remove Clutter and Clean!

Looking at your home with a fresh eye can give you a different perspective, start at the curb and work your way in through the front door. Don’t underestimate the importance of small details outside, like window frames that needs a dab of paint, weeds in the garden or a wobbly front step. Does your front door need a fresh new colour?

Stand in your entryway and look at what prospective Buyers will see first when they open the door. Is it an over stuffed closet, soiled entryway mat or knick-knacks gathering dust? Less is more, pack unneeded items away. Fresh paint is worth every penny and clean, clean, clean!

Don’t sell your home “as is”, take the time to prepare it and maximize your best features. Remember, Buyers have to imagine themselves living in your home. You want to appeal to the broadest base of prospective Buyers possible. It can be a lot of work but worth the time and expense.

Staging is one of the many tools we use as Realtors to sell your home quickly and for the most money possible. It’s a great idea to have an objective professional help you prepare your home for sale. I work with an experienced Professional Stager that will not only give you a list of items you can work on yourself, she will bring in furniture and artwork to show your home in its best light. She knows what looks best in photos and what will appeal to the largest audience.

Staging is a service I offer when you list your home with me. We are in this together, lets maximize your sale!


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